Growth is the key to long-term investment success


All Cap Growth

Portfolios that capture the full reach of our research effort. Covering the entire market-cap spectrum, the All Cap portfolios we manage nimbly shift to emerging pockets of earnings strength as the environment evolves. The Friess All Cap Composite was created on December 31, 1977 to measure the collective performance of the All Cap portfolios we manage.

Micro Cap Growth

Material contributors to our Small Cap efforts for decades, Friess Associates began managing targeted Micro Cap portfolios in August 7, 2018. We believe the category offers rewards commensurate with the higher risks associated with early-stage companies to investors who are willing to consistently perform grassroots research. Micro Cap shares tend to experience higher volatility due to lower trading volume than securities of larger companies.

Small Cap Growth

The Small Cap category is one of our most fruitful hunting grounds since the core of our investment strategy is developing an information edge through exhaustive research legwork. In general, smaller companies are not as widely followed as companies higher up the market-cap ladder. That means gathering grassroots insights about trends in a company’s operational “food chain” can be especially valuable in terms of assessing a stock’s potential. The Friess Small Cap Composite was launched on December 31, 1981.

Mid Cap Growth

Mid-sized companies are among our most frequent targets given our earnings-growth requirements. Mid Cap companies play a significant role in the All Cap portfolios we manage. We began offering Mid Cap-only options in response to advisors and investors with more defined market-cap parameters. Friess Associates began managing its first Mid Cap portfolio on October 31, 2000.

Large Cap Growth

Portfolios that take an unique approach to large company investing. The portfolios reflect a focus on uncovering companies that capture market share rather than industry leaders that must fend off competition. The portfolios regularly hold well-known companies as well. The Large Cap portfolios we manage tend to show lower correlations versus large cap benchmarks due to our bottom-up investment approach. Friess Associates launched its first Large Cap portfolio on January 10, 1991.

Concentrated Growth

Friess Associates began managing its first concentrated portfolio on December 31, 1996 as a subadvisory mandate. Our separately managed concentrated offerings grew out of that experience. While limiting the number of holdings in a portfolio affects its risk-reward profile, our concentrated portfolios consist of high-conviction investment ideas.

Long Short Equity

The intelligence Friess Associates gathers in its ongoing evaluation process becomes part of an evolving research mosaic that helps the firm establish evidence-based forecasts. Long Short Equity makes full use of the firm’s research effort. Just as positive research findings underpin long investments, securities selected as short candidates are isolated due to a preponderance of negative data points uncovered through individual-company research. Friess Associates serves as subadvisor to the Greenwich Friess Long/Short Fund, launched June 30, 2016.

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