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The Brandywine Funds are Back!

Registrations for the Friess Brandywine Fund and the Friess Brandywine Blue Fund with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission are now effective. P
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Stock Picking Requires Perpetual Curiosity

Information is everywhere. Whether it’s a scheduled call with a senior executive or a casual conversation with the person who happens to occupy the next seat on the plane, Friess researchers recognize that the next piece of the mosaic that helps them see the bigger picture might come from an unexpected source.
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Looking Forward

Looking Forward – September 2021

From long-term historical patterns to market-moving events of the day, some investors cannot resist looking for an angle to outsmart the rest of us. More power to them – competing ideas and interests contribute to the inefficiencies that active managers like us look to exploit.
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Friess Associates – The construction of the portfolio

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