Our goal is to outperform market indexes, not mimic them

Growth Equity Investment Management

We conduct exhaustive research to isolate companies with fundamental profiles that position them for share price appreciation. This bottom-up, company-by-company approach is put to work for institutions, corporations, high net worth individuals and retail investors.

Investment Strategy

  • Individual company fundamentals determine stock prices
  • Companies that top expectations attract positive attention
  • Exhaustive research isolates companies with the most potential to surprise
  • Target new companies must show greater promise than an existing holding
  • Valuation sensitivity is critical to investment success

Investment Services

  • All Cap Growth
  • Micro Cap Growth
  • Small Cap Growth
  • Mid Cap Growth
  • Large Cap Growth
  • Concentrated Growth
  • Long Short Equity


Investment Funds

Friess Associates offers its growth-equity services through mutual funds that span the market-cap spectrum.



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