Time-tested investment approach

Mutual Funds

Friess Associates launched its first mutual fund at the end of 1985 in response to demand among family, friends, and individuals involved with institutional clients and target companies who sought access to the firm’s services at lower investment minimums. In the years that followed, Friess-managed funds went on to help scores of investors fund college tuition, retirement and other financial objectives. Using the same time-tested investment strategy, the Friess Brandywine Funds draw on that experience in pursuit of their mission to position shareholders to reach their long-term financial goals.


Friess Small Cap Growth Fund

A fund specifically focused on small-cap companies, a category that we believe represents an especially fruitful target for bottom-up research and offers some of the strongest earnings growth potential in the market.

Friess Brandywine Fund

A “go-anywhere” fund that embraces our all-cap research approach to hold companies with the most promising fundamental outlooks regardless of company size.

Friess Brandywine Blue Fund

A fund that emphasizes large-cap companies with superior prospects for earnings growth and market-share expansion over big-name companies with diminishing outlooks.

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